Personal Project I made with Cecilia Benatti.


This is the videoclip for the new single of Suz, "Brave New World". I personally worked as an operator in one of the two light sets. 


Video Art project for Contemporary Art exam


This is a personal travel video of a trip in France with my guitar orchestra. 


So last summer I have been travelling around Europe with InterRail and my friends. This is a little video of the three days we've spent in Berlin, which is probably one of my favourite city f North Europe. 



Down here, you can find instead some clips of our short visit to Amsterdam, love that city too!

mounzer Graduation

Mounzer graduated last March in Medicine at the University of Bologna, and for this important event his wife asked me to make a video of the day. It was such a pleasure for me to work with these lovely people. On the left there is a trailer of the final work.


For all the month of February and March my friends of the Fine Arts Academy and I have been shooting the concerts of the ArtRock Museum. On the left you can find a video of the concert of Giorginess, the one I loved the most.