this is emma

If you are wondering who's the girl behind the camera, well you are in the right page! 

My name is Emma Gasparini Papotti (yes, I have 2 last names) and I'm a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in Bologna. I've always been interested in photos and movies since I was little, and thanks to my parents I got the chance to purchase this passion. I started taking photos at the beginning of high school with my neighbour's camera and I've been practicing since then. 

At the moment I'm studying Cinema at Fine Arts Academy of Bologna, where I get the chance to work on a lot of projects.

I love portraits and fashion photography, but I also do weddings and events under commissionion.

By saying that, I hope you now have an overall idea of who I am and how much I love what I do. If you have any questions feel free to ask me what you want in the "Contact" section. 

Thanks for checking out my website and reading this! Much love,